3 Types of Education: Formal, Informal & Non-formal for Kids

3 Types of Education: Formal, Informal & Non-formal for Kids

Educators and academicians have differentiated multiple types of education to help kids get the best of different methods. From standardized learning to homeschooling, there are different types of educational opportunities for kids these days. As a parent, you need to understand the differences, advantages, and opportunities available to kids when you blend different educational types.

You can also uncover new strategies of teaching your kids difficult subjects when you leverage multiple types of education. E.g., you can teach fractions and https://asbtl.com/ multiplication by using different colored balls of different sizes.

You can compare a small ball that’s half the size of a bigger one and ask your kid to count the keseluruhan via multiplication. These are informal ways of learning that can help bring a new dimension to the learning experience.

For kids that are homeschooled, there are also good takeaways that you can pick up from formalized school and non-formalized learning. You can adapt the best practices from these structures and help your kid acquire the right life skills. For example, enrolling them in scouts & guides, fitness-based routines, language skills courses, etc. can help them be more prepared for multifaceted challenges.

Let’s unpack the global of education and learning by starting out with a definition of education itself.